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Algernon Basil Clark

Date of Birth: 28th November 1886 Place of Birth: Education: Civilian Occupation: Accountant Address: 25 Elmbank Street, Glasgow West Commission Type: Special Reserve Algernon Basil Clark commissioned into the 3rd…

McCulloch Christison

Date of Birth: 1880 Place of Birth: Darjeeling, India Education: Dulwich College Civilian Occupation: Stockbroker’s Clerk Address: 28 Court Road, Norwood, S.E. London Commission Type: Special Reserve Photo: Ruadhán…

Ruddiman Boyd Buchanan

Date of Birth: 1898 Place of Birth: England Education: Civilian Occupation: Student Commission Type: Special Reserve Ruddiman Boyd Buchanan was the son of a civilian physician and Territorial Force RAMC officer.

Fernley Turner Bridger

Date of Birth: 14th March 1893 Place of Birth: England Education: Civilian Occupation: Apprentice Architect Address: Hazlemere, Surrey Commission Type: Special Reserve

Cecil Boddam-Whetham

Date of Birth: 11th February 1879 Place of Birth: England Education: Bedford School Civilian Occupation: Retired Regular Army Officer Address: Heytesbury, Wiltshire Commission Type: Special Reserve

James Neilson Adam

Date of Birth: 1st July 1894 Place of Birth: Kidderminster, England Education: Mill Hill School, University of Edinburgh Civilian Occupation: Medical Student Commission Type: Special Reserve

George Russel Drysdale

Date of Birth: 5th January 1889 Place of Birth: Sidney, Australia Education: Wellington College Training: Royal Military College (Sandhurst) Commission Type: Regular